FBI Dads

Boost Student Test Scores, Self-Esteem, And School Performance

Experience the magic of having 100's of involved Dad's on campus, even if you have no clue how it's possible!

Dads really DO want to be involved, but at most schools they just don't feel needed or appreciated.

"This is for the mom's, principal, the teachers and the counselors that do it ALL. It's time to not only get the help you deserve, it's time to dream big and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!" 

Why FBI Dads?

Research has shown that positive male role models on campus increases self-esteem, which leads to more confidence, which leads to less bullying, which leads to an environment for optimal learning.

There is no better way to get positive male role models on campus than to get the dads of the students there... but most people have no clue how to get dads to WANT to get involved and STAY involved.

Ryan broke the code and exploded the program at his school to OVER 400 DADS!

More Dads = Greater Success, More Community Partners, More Donations, Better Sponsors, Fewer Problems

FBI Dads (Fathers Being Involved) is the newest, best and fastest growing "Dads" program for Elementary Schools. If you want to reap the benefits that having dads on campus brings, then you are in the right place.

FBI Dads In Their Own Words

FBI Dads:

Which Program Is Better For You?

Option 1:

Core Elements

FBI Dads: The Core Elements is everything you and your school needs to start, run and grow a thriving dads program. Because Ryan has systemized everything he's learned over the course of the past six years, you can just follow a proven blueprint. We'll show you how to find your FBI Director, how to build your dad list, how to get them to show up every time, how to run your meeting (and create HUGE laughs, love and leaders).

Option 2:

Complete School Program

FBI Dads: The Complete School Program is everything in the "Core Elements" program PLUS community and all the benefits community brings. We will show you how to get sponsors the right way, how to involve willing and eager dads in school projects, how to get more done with smaller budgets, and how to THINK BIG. With nearly unlimited resources it's hard to imagine the things that can be done... 

Core Elements

This is an online, on-demand learning environment. You can go at your own pace and choose what is the next most important thing for you. It's always there for you 24/7/365.

In addition to the online, on-demand learning environment, you also get LIVE Zoom sessions where Ryan will cover the latest updates and YOU can get answers to YOUR questions.

#1 Find Your FBI Director

Who is going to lead your program? Who is going to get other dads involved? Everything starts once that dad has been found.

Every school has at least 1 dad that wants to play a big role in making his school successful,

We'll help you find that dad and show him how easy it is the be the "Rock Star Dad" at his school!

#2 Build Your List Of Dads

The first thing to focus on is getting as many dads as possible on your list.

You will learn several ways to do this and the MAGIC of using the RIGHT WORDS!

After trying everything I could think of, I found what makes dads sign up! It simple, to the point and it works!

#3 Communicate So Dads Listen and Attend

Now that you have the dads on your list, how to you get them to actually attend an event?

I'll not only teach you what to say and how to say it, I'll give you the exact emails and templates I use.

It's a simple, repeatable formula that pays off every time!

#4 Running A Successful Event

It's a formula. It's a skill. It's teachable and repeatable.

Do you see the happy, excited faces in this picture? It doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design...  

The design causes reactions. It causes involvement by dads AND kids. I causes people to talk. It starts spreading by word of mouth.

Dads want to come back. Kids want their dads to come back. Your program grows. Your pride grows. The school functions better.

I GIVE YOU the template, the design, the secret elixir. 

#5 ***Bonus*** FRee Amazon Bestselling Book

Every Dad in Your Program gets a FREE Downloadable Copy Of Ryan's Bestselling book "Be The Dad You Wish You Had".

Base on years of research and trial and error, Ryan has compiled the best parenting techniques that work.

It's a simple, easy to read book... but with invaluable lessons!

Complete School Program

This is an online, on-demand learning environment that picks up where the core elements left off. You can go at your own pace and choose what is the next most important thing for you. It's always there for you 24/7/365.

In addition to the online, on-demand learning environment, you also get LIVE Zoom sessions where Ryan will cover the latest updates and YOU can get answers to YOUR questions.

#1 Learn To Think BIG!!!

You will soon have at least 100 dads on campus, familiar with the school and how it functions. They will know their way around and feel a part of the success.

Imagine all of the possibilities of things that can happen with involved men who want to solve problems and make good things happen.

Ryan will show you how to harness, focus and deploy their potential.

#2 The "Community" FActor...

Here is the simple truth... everyone loves to jump on board with a winning program, to be on the winning team, to be associated with other winners!

Discover how to take full advantage of YOUR winning program and attract more community involvement.

#3 (Part 1) The Secrets of the $20,000 bulletin Board...

One of the many things that happens during the FBI Dad events is dad/child connects, exchanges and pictures. 

Hundreds of pictures of Dads and kids connecting

Hundreds of "I'm Proud Of You Because" affirmations.

We take those pictures and affirmations and POST them.

This board moves sponsors to action... see below

#3 (Part 2) Sponsors and Donors

Everyone loves a winning program like FBI Dads.

Sponsors become easy to attract and keep.

Local businesses are eager to offer their services free or at a huge discount. Our Playground was reduced by $20,000 because of this bulletin board

Krispy Kreme is just 1 of our >30 Sponsors and have donated more than $9,000 in doughnuts to the students, dads, teachers and staff.

#4 ***BONUS*** Free 30 Minute 1 on 1 Video Consultation With Ryan

You really won't NEED this bonus because EVERYTHING is included that you need. However, wouldn't it be awesome if you could get personalized attention from the creator of the program? 

Get questions answered on the spot, get encouragement or resources that puts you over a hump.

If it can be done, Ryan can get you there!

#5 ***Bonus*** Free FBI DAds Director: T-Shirt* 

Your FBI Dads Director will look sharp, be easy to find, and everyone will know who's in charge when he wears his official T-Shirt.

Contact us with shirt size and shipping information.

* Design and colors subject to change

#6 ***BONUS*** One Free Signed Copy Of Ryan's Bestselling Book School Director

Base on years of research and trial and error, Ryan has compiled the best parenting techniques that work.

It's a simple, easy to read book... but with invaluable lessons!

Please contact us with shipping information!

Are You Ready For the Most Effective 

Dad's School Programs Ever Conceived?

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Our goal for FBI Dads "Core Elements" is everything you need to have at LEAST 100 Dads at your events and on your campus.

FBI Dads: Core Elements

Create An Effective FBI Dads Program at Your School




  • Find Your FBI Dads Director
  • Build Your List Of Dads
  • Communication Secrets
  • Running a Successful Event
  • *Bonus* Free Bestselling Book

Most Popular

Our goal for "Complete School Program" is to deliver at least $10,000 of MEASUREABLE value back to your school when you select the "Complete School Program". 

FBI Dads: Complete School Program

Create An Effective FBI Dads Program




Everything in "Core Elements" PLUS

  • Learn to Think BIG
  • The "Community Factor"
  • The $20,000 Bulletin Board Secrets
  • Sponsors and Donors Secrets
  • *Bonus* Free 30 min Consultation
  • *Bonus* FBI Dads Leader T-Shirt

Dad Comments...

Seeing the excitement

Spending breakfast time w/ your kids & their friends and then seeing the excitement on all the kids faces when reading To them is an experience you cannot get anywhere else.


Totally worth getting up

It's totally worth getting up in the morning. Your son will appreciate seeing your face there. My son actually reminds me when it's FBI day in anticipation.


Great opportunity

A great opportunity to reinforce your involvement in your kids’ education and allow them to see you engaged with them.


About (Ryan Roy)

Ryan's father abandoned him when he was only five years old. After getting married, his biggest fear was having a child and not knowing how to be a good dad. After studying everything he could find, writing a bestselling book, hosting 300 episodes of a popular parenting podcast, PLUS growing an immensely successful FBI Dads program at his own kids' school... Ryan has decided to share what he's learned. FBI Dads is Ryan's life mission. Ryan welcomes YOU to join him in this journey to help dads connect, be present and be a positive influence on their children.

Ryan Roy