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When Dads Are Involved At Home...

FBI Dads

The Origin Story: Ryan Roy (Founder)

When Dads Are Involved At School...

FBI Dads... In Their Own Words

When Moms Encourage FBI Dads...


Are less likely to seek mom's attention constantly


Are more likely to become engaged in family and school activities


Finds perfect harmony with family, friends and other priorities


Are better balanced, adjusted, conflict free and happier


Become more about activities to increase quality time together


Will gravitate to your home, which is a great sign you're winning

More FBI Dads... In Their Own Words

Totally worth getting up

It's totally worth getting up in the morning. Your son will appreciate seeing your face there. My son actually reminds me when it's FBI day in anticipation.


Amazing feeling

The FBI Dad experience has been awesome, being able to take the time out and feel included in my daughter's school experience and not having the responsibility solely on my wife is an amazing feeling.


If you can read...

If you eat breakfast., you can do this. If you can read a book, you can do this. If you have a kid, he/she wants you to do this. Let's do this.


Rain, sleet, or snow

My son and husband went to FBI DAD Rain, sleet, or snow. It was their bonding time. 😍

Wife of FBI Dad

Connecting with other fathers

It’s been a great experience connecting with other fathers. More importantly, spending time connecting with my kids.


Opportunity to read

While I enjoy the Dad breakfast days, the opportunity to read to my child’s class is what excites me the most. Honestly, I don’t know if me or my son are most excited!